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Our Values

Customer Focus

Our customers are at the core of our business. We want each and every customer to receive the best services we can provide and to feel we have contributed real value to their project. We want every customer to return to DigitalLeaf for their future projects and be confident in recommending our services to others.

Innovative Thinking

Challenging projects require innovative thinking. We value what has worked in the past, but recognize the need to continually find new solutions to new challenges. Innovative customers value innovative thinking.


The best projects are undertaken in an environment of collaboration. We value input from all members of each project team whether they reside within DigitalLeaf or beyond. Great collaboration requires experience, confidence, respect, communication and a mutual desire to seek the best solutions.


Passion is the energy required to overcome challenges and create great projects. We recognize that passion is what ignites teams to do their very best. Passion is contagious.


We take pride in the work we undertake. Pride comes from contributing our best each and every day and knowing we have delivered what each customer is asking for.


We accept and take full responsibility for the work we undertake. We strive to work ethically in all areas of our business and in our interactions with everyone we meet in our communities.


Our Philosophy

  • Goal Alignment

  • The simpler the better

  • Don’t reinvent the wheel

  • Easy to maintain

  • Reliable

Meet The Founder

We have our focus on Google Apps and we believe the future is on the Cloud.
We have the expertise to make your migration a Success from all point of views.

Ioan RipasIn Charge Of Business

Ioan is responsible for business development and strategy.
He has over 20 years experience, in various technical and managerial roles in the mobile and real estate industries. He has worked in large corporations and start-ups, and his longest tenure was with Airborne Mobile for 12 years.
He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree, is trilingual, and is an avid photographer.

“Allow me to help you grow and be more productive into the Cloud!”

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